happy birthday, Steve Perry

Discovering your vocal range is one thing. Accepting it is something else entirely.

/ January 22, 2019

breath mapping

In the previous article, I talked about how simply concentrating on what you thinking about when playing music will make you a better musician… and you can make the change without even having to play or sing a single note...

/ September 16, 2018

don’t forget to breathe

Music is every bit as much what you do with your mind as it is what you do with your body. Understand that, and you're already a better musician.

/ September 2, 2018

modelling amp shootout

YouTube reviews of modelling amps offer a tantalising vortex of sound demos for the gearhead to get sucked into. MusoTips explores whether you should dive in.

/ August 4, 2018

climbing Mt Impossible

Many people who make the resolution to learn music can easily become overwhelmed; believing that they will be stuck with the basics forever. Muso Tips argues this is exactly the right place to be.

/ November 12, 2017

am I musical?

Musical ability is granted an exceptional, mystical status that it mostly doesn't deserve. It’s probable that you’re way more talented than you think.

/ November 5, 2017